The main purpose of the Russian diary is providing an opportunity for all people learning English to communicate in English with each other and with the whole world. You can tell me that there are a lot of different forums and other sites on the Internet devoted to learning English, but I'll tell you that the Russian diary is different! And at the same time it is more useful!

I'm sure that in the nearest future a great number of blogs, collective blogs, different galleries and other features will appear here. I hope this site will be a good place for everyone to improve his or her English.

If you are learning English you are welcomed!

If you are interested in this project, please, don't hesitate to write me: PustovalovE(at)gmail.com

Now I'm tuning the Russian diary that's why any technical problems are very possible!

P.S. As the learning of English and communication in English are the main goals of the Russian diary any comments are welcomed, especially the ones describing any mistakes.

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