Crossing the river - Russian style

A big group of workers is crossing a river. Interesting thing is the way they chose for this action.

I think it is possible only in Russia...

The first days of Chernobyl disaster

One of the most tragic disasters in the human history happend twenty seven years ago. It was Chernobyl disaster. I wanr to post here a film which was filmed exactly during the spring and summer of 1986.

Voices are in russian, but you can see technology, an organisation of works, huge amounts of resources and people involved.

If you want me to translate or explain some episodes - just write a comment after this post.

Dancing on the voting station

Last voting for the future Presiden of the Russian Federation, which was held on 4th of March, was world wide famous for online video translation of this process from all voting stations. By the way, there were more than 90 000 of such stations and at least 2 cameras were installed in each one.

And of course there should have appeared some dudes which could use this situation to make something funny. And they appeared!

Here you can see the clip with one of such dudes performing a dance on the voting station:

I would try to add some more clips with dancing on voting stations in comments...

Angry ram

Let’s continue to post here fun video (but I hope it wouldn’t turn this site into a video blog only with fun video and music).

Video with angry ram which (or maybe even who) struggles for his rights and territory:

The man with a light bulb in his mouth

In Russia we have a joke and at the same time a test for stupidity. This joke is widely known because it was used a lot of times in different films, anecdotes, soup operas and so on.

The bottom line of this joke is that one person bets that it is impossible to put a light bulb into a mouth and then to get it out of the mouth. And then, if the other person is enough stupid, he or she tries to check this.

But if to put a light bulb into a mouth is a very easy task, the getting it out without doctor’s assistance is almost impossible task.

Here you can see a person who failed this test:

Bath - motobike

What to do if you have to be at work in time, but want to take a bath?

The solution is next:

Russian icicles

Winters in Russia are severe. And sometimes you can be blocked at home by icicles at least for 3-4 months.

Russian icicle

Unguided Tupolev Tu-154

The following video (actually 3 episodes) is impossible to watch without flinching.

Before viewing I want to explain some facts:

1. This video was shot last week (29/04/2011).

2. This flight for this aircraft was the first after a decade of conservation.

3. Tupolev 154 is enough big plane: three-engine, upto 100,000 kg take-off weight, it carries upto 160-180 passengers.

One of the candidates for Eurovision 2012

This year we have some sort of competition among different artists which should determin who will present Russia on Eurovision 2012. Here are one of the finalists - Buranovskie babushki (Grandmas from Buranovsk) band:

How do they punish for the wrong parking in Russia?

Here you can see the answer for this question.

Unusual but extremly effective punishment. Once being punished you can not commit a new offence of this kind (at least with your old car).

wrong parking in Russia

P.S. The photo has been taken in Saratov.

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