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I've decided to start this collective blog because of several reasons. First of all, I'm living in Ural and I like its nature, its people, even its climate. Second, I want to share this interest and enthusiasm with other people and to draw international attention as well... Also there are some other reasons, but I will determine and describe them in further posts.

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Konzhak (Konzhakovskiy Kamen')


It is Konzhak (Konzhakovskiy Kamen'). It is one of the highest mountains of the North Ural (1569m).

This photo was taken in January of 2009 from the foot of Kosvinskiy Kamen' during a three-day trip to the North Ural. The summit of this mountain was our main target (destination) for the whole trip. But then because of lack of time and very cold weather we had changed our plans.

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