English grammar

Verbs after which only adjectives are used

Use only adjectives (not adverbs) after these verbs:
  1. to be;
  2. to get;
  3. to become;
  4. to seem;
  5. to appear;
  6. to fell;
  7. to sound;
  8. to taste;
  9. to smell;
  10. to look.
Examples with good (adj) / well (adv): You look good! I've been learning English for three years, so I speak it quite well. I think it would be a good idea to discuss this at next week's meeting.

Exceptions for Continuous

There are several exceptions in English in using verbs in the Continuous terms. Some verbs are not used this way. Here are they:
  1. Verbs of emotions
    • to wish
    • to desire
    • to want
    • to envy
    • to hate
    • to like
    • to love
    • to prefer
    • to fear
    • to need
    • to regret
    • to satisfy
    • to seem
  2. Verbs connected with mentality
    • to agree
    • to believe
    • to deny

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