United Russia

United Russia during October 2010 elections

Central election commission

Last Sunday we had in Russia a voting day. It is a special day during a year when we have elections (it can be local, regional or federal elections, two of them or all together). Actually we have several voting days in a calendar year.

This time it was elections for some regional parliaments. And since the State Duma elections will be in a year, the last elections can be estimated as a test, which reveals public opinion and possible support of different political parties.

And here are some results of the United Russia performance during these elections:

  1. Magadan Region - 80,95%;
  2. Tuva Republic - 90,63%;
  3. Novosibirsk Region - 63,16%;
  4. Belgorod Region - 82,86%;
  5. Kostroma Region - 72,22%;
  6. Chelyabinsk Region - 81,67%.

Fascinating results, aren’t?

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