Crossing the river - Russian style

A big group of workers is crossing a river. Interesting thing is the way they chose for this action.

I think it is possible only in Russia...

Some funny things you can find in Russia

Special separate blog about funny, weird and other thing of this type

Belarus has found an alternative supplier

Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez

Historically oil from Russian oil fields was a raw material for petroleum refinery plants in Belarus. But now due to different political disputes with Russian government and personal clashes between President Alexander Lukashenko and Prime-minister Vladimir Putin there is shortage of oil for the plants. But I am not sure that it is so, because nobody has cut off supplies, nobody even has promised to cut off these supplies. The only thing is that Russian authorities have decided to charge oil with custom fees (previously these supplies were almost free of charge).

Anyway during the last visit of President Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) to Belarus there was decided to expand supplies of oil from Venezuela to Belarus for Belarusian petroleum refinery. Moreover Hugo Chavez promised that Belarus would not have any problems with oil supplies in the next two hundred years. As well he added that it is his contribution to anti-imperialism struggle.

Do they know that Venezuela as far from Belarus as almost it possible? And that Belarus doesn’t have any sea ports at all? I think that they know these facts and that the only reason for these agreements is to tease Russia and to show that maybe it has money and power, but it is not the only party to negotiate with.

Energy weapon in action?

When I watch on TV our President and Prime minister talking about gas supplies I understand that Russian natural gas is really an “Energy weapon”, because supplies of goods and raw materials are a deal of businessmen not politicians. And if politicians talk about natural gas supplies, it means that it is not ordinal commerce.

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