Dmitry Medvedev and The World of Warcraft

D.Medvedev and WoW

At the Council for cultural and science development the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the world famous online game The World of Warcraft among different destructive elements had positive issues as well. He admitted that the main idea of this game was connected with a some kind of history of the human civilization and development throughout the time. That is why he suggested to Russian computer game developers to make up a new game similar to The World of Warcraft but with Russian heroes and with connotations with the history of Russian state and Russian civilization.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Moscow

Medvedev and Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger are now visiting Moscow. He arrived on Sunday, 10th of October. It is his return visit (this summer Dmitry Medvedev visited California and met there its governor Arnold Schwarzenegger).

One of his main destinations during this visit is Scolcovo. Scolcovo would be as our authorities keep saying one of the world’s biggest technology, scientific and hi-technology business centers, it would be Russian “Silicon Valley”. That is why they are trying to get as much publicity to this project as possible. And I think that Schwarzenegger’s visit is a part of this strategy.

Also it is known that Medvedev and Schwarzenegger are now twitter friends. Medvedev even welcomed Schwarzenegger via twitter as the Californian governor had landed in a Moscow airport.

P.S. Photo in the beginning of this post was taken in California this summer (maybe in Silicon Valley).

New warships for Russia

The Russian Federation is going to buy a new naval vessel of the Mistral class. Some media keep saying that the seller of the ship is France, but I am not sure. I think that they keep saying so because French dockyards produce this type of warships. And I think that they are sellers not the state.

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