Reasons to kill Gaddafi

Reasons to kill Gaddafi

World news topic number one for the last two months is NATO operation in Libya. And those who interested in this topic has their own opinion why this war has been started. Official version is what western politicians try to tell us. And they tell that the only reason is to protect civilians.

But here in Russia the vast majority of people believe that the main reason is oil. For instance, today I found picture (you can see it on the top of the post) where man looking like Uncle Sam is pictured with speech bubble which contains the next words in Russian: "Нефть есть? А если найду?"

This words resemble the everyday slang of "gopnik" (гопник), a person who doesn't have any work, don't study and whos earnings consist of occasional thefts and robberies. These words translate as "Do you have some oil? What if I will find some?"

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