Some funny things you can find in Russia

Special separate blog about funny, weird and other thing of this type

Angry ram

Let’s continue to post here fun video (but I hope it wouldn’t turn this site into a video blog only with fun video and music).

Video with angry ram which (or maybe even who) struggles for his rights and territory:

The man with a light bulb in his mouth

In Russia we have a joke and at the same time a test for stupidity. This joke is widely known because it was used a lot of times in different films, anecdotes, soup operas and so on.

The bottom line of this joke is that one person bets that it is impossible to put a light bulb into a mouth and then to get it out of the mouth. And then, if the other person is enough stupid, he or she tries to check this.

But if to put a light bulb into a mouth is a very easy task, the getting it out without doctor’s assistance is almost impossible task.

Here you can see a person who failed this test:

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