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Writing - Quarterly report on sales


The figures of sales and profits of the last quarter were below target. We have scrutinized all obstacles and made up this regular quarterly report.


List of dos and don’ts for a start-up

For my writing practice I have made up a list of dos and don'ts for a start-up. If you have something to add feel yourself free.


A new Putin's peculiar photo

The prime-minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited today Khakassia (a federal subject of Russia (a republic) located in south central Siberia).

Among other things he attended a resort where he did horse back riding, fed local horses by hand, drank tea prepared on an open fire (this Putin’s tea you can see on the photo).

Putin Khakassia

Verbs after which only adjectives are used

Use only adjectives (not adverbs) after these verbs:
  1. to be;
  2. to get;
  3. to become;
  4. to seem;
  5. to appear;
  6. to fell;
  7. to sound;
  8. to taste;
  9. to smell;
  10. to look.
Examples with good (adj) / well (adv): You look good! I've been learning English for three years, so I speak it quite well. I think it would be a good idea to discuss this at next week's meeting.

Exceptions for Continuous

There are several exceptions in English in using verbs in the Continuous terms. Some verbs are not used this way. Here are they:
  1. Verbs of emotions
    • to wish
    • to desire
    • to want
    • to envy
    • to hate
    • to like
    • to love
    • to prefer
    • to fear
    • to need
    • to regret
    • to satisfy
    • to seem
  2. Verbs connected with mentality
    • to agree
    • to believe
    • to deny

An example of a covering letter

Covering letter

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Vacancies for Medical Representative

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the newspaper and want to be considered for the position of a Medical Representative.

A bad experience of travelling I had

It happened several years ago on my business trip to Moscow. The trip began early in the morning in the Yekaterinburg airport Koltsovo. And it started with the delay of my plane. I had been waiting for the flight for about two hours and when I had entered the plane I realized that I had the seat between the window and aisle seats and that my neighbours are well-nourished men.

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