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After The Fire - Der Kommissar

Zwei, drei, vier

Zadornov was right!

Have you ever heard Mikhail Zadornov's sketches?

If you are from Russia, I'm sure you've heard!

The main theme of his sketches was a stupidity of Americans. In the next video they are approving that Zadornov was right:

The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me

Friends tell me I am crazy
And I'm wasting time with you
You'll never be mine
It's not the way I see it
‘Cause I feel you're already mine
Whenever you're with me [Ooh...ooh...ooh...]

People always talkin' ‘bout
Your reputation
I don't care about your other girls
Just be good to me [Ooh...ooh...ooh...]

Friends are always tellin' me
You're a user
I don't care what you do to them
Just be good to me [Ooh...ooh...ooh...]

You may have many others

Secret Service - Ten O'clock Postman

Ten o'clock postman
Bring me her letter
Ten o'clock postman
Make me feel better
Been so many days
Since that I've met her
Ten o'clock postman
Bring me her letter

I'm walking all over the room
Wonder why I don't stop biting my nails
Why carry this feeling of doom
A couple more hours and I'll get the mail
I'll get the mail

Ice fishing in Russia

When I was a child I lived in a small Ural town and used to go to fishing. Sometimes it was summer fishing, but more interesting was ice fishing. For some people from the West, especially living in warm countries, it could be really weird that someone can spend the whole day at a pond trying to catch fish from under the ice when the temperature is -25C and it is extremely windy.

Ace Of Base - Wonderful Life

Here I go
Out to the sea again
The sunshine fills my hair
And dreams hang in the air
Gulls in the sky
And in my blue eyes
I know it feels unfair
There is magic everywhere

Look at me standing here
Here on my own again
Up straight in the sunshine

No need to run and hide
It's a wonderful, wonderful life
No need to laugh and cry
It's a wonderful, wonderful life

Sun's in your eyes
The heat is in your hair
They seem to hate you

Putin's flat has been damaged

Our Prime-minister Vladimir Putin (and possible our future President) officially doesn’t have a lot of property. He cannot be compared with such a rich world leaders like Silvio Berlusconi who is an owner of a big media corporation. By the way Vladimir Putin has real estate.

I am not sure how many flats and houses does he have, but I know that he has a one flat in S.Peterburg. I know this because of a recent item of news. It was said that the Putin’s flat in this city had been damaged by water from melted snow and ice…

Trololo Man (Eduard Khil) repeats his famous song

Very interesting thing for me is that Eduard Khil who is 75 years old has become enormously famous all over the world. Time to time I hear some of his songs (on TV or on radio), but I've never heard his Trololo song before. I'm not sure that it was popular in 70th in the Soviet Union. For example almost all my elder friends kow Eduard Khil and they know a lot of his song by heart, but they do nothing know about the Trololo song.

The steam locomotive in Moscow

A steam locomotive has been restored by RZD (Russian railways) and now it is used for excursions. I think it was made especially for the war veterans of WWII. It is some kind of a gift for the Victory Day (the 9th of May). Here are a record of its arrival or departure at the Kazan railway station:

P.S. I've heard that the same action (a restoration of a steam locomotive) would take place in the other division of the RZD - Sverdlovskaya railway with the HQ in Yekaterinburg. If it is so, I will try to take a look at this machine or even will go for a ride.

Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero

Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero

Album: Straight from the Heart

The choir words are in brackets.

(Doo doo doo doo... doo doo doo doo... doo doo doo doo...)
(Aaah aaah!)

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods?

Where's the great white Hercules to fight the rising odds?

Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need


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