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Russian tornado

In Russia as in other parts of the world time to time we have tornados. But for some reasons our people are not afraid of them. On the contrary they are happy when see a tornado, try to catch it and scream dirty language words out. Here you can see one of this attempts to reach a tornado:

April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger

Savage - Only You

Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry

Stray dogs and a brave street cleaner

In the next clip the scene when a street cleaner rescues a girl was filmed. He used his spade against a pack of stray dogs. How do you think does this action comply with Greenpeace's principles?

Another murder in the USA

Russian journalists and the whole Russian society pay a lot of attention to adopted children from Russia in the USA. But some time ago the situation was absolutely opposite. This huge interest was awakened by the number of crimes and abuses against former little Russian citizens in the USA.

Grease - You're the one that I want

Sandy: Tell me about it stud!

Danny: I got chills.
They're multiplyin'.
And I'm losin' control.
'Cause the power
you're supplyin',
it's electrifyin'!

Sandy: You better shape up,
'cause I need a man
and my heart is set on you.
You better shape up;
you better understand
to my heart I must be true.

Danny: Nothin' left, nothin' left for me to do.

Both: You're the one that I want.
(you are the one i want), o,o, oo, honey.
The one that I want.
(you are the one i want want), o,o,oo, honey.
The one that I want
(you are the one i want want), o,o, ooooo
The one I need.
Oh, yes indeed.

Sandy: If you're filled
with affection
you're too shy to convey,
meditate in my direction.
Feel your way.

Grease - Summer Nights


Summer lovin' had me a blast

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Oh, the night is my world, city light painted girl
In the day nothing matters, it's the night time that flatters
In the night, no control, through the wall something's breaking
Wearing white as you're walkin' down the street of my soul

You take my self, you take my self control
You got me livin' only for the night
Before the morning comes, the story's told
You take my self, you take my self control
Another night, another day goes by
I never stop myself to wonder why
You make me to forget to play my role
You take my self, you take my self control

I, I live among the creatures of the night
I haven't got the will to try and fight
Against a new tomorrow, so I guess I'll just believe it
That tomorrow never comes
A safe night, I'm living in the forest of my dream
I know the night is not as it would seem
I must believe in something, so I'll make myself believe it
That this night will never go

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