Unguided Tupolev Tu-154

The following video (actually 3 episodes) is impossible to watch without flinching.

Before viewing I want to explain some facts:

1. This video was shot last week (29/04/2011).

2. This flight for this aircraft was the first after a decade of conservation.

3. Tupolev 154 is enough big plane: three-engine, upto 100,000 kg take-off weight, it carries upto 160-180 passengers.

P.S. Similar aircraft crashed at Smolensk North Airport on April 10, 2010, killing all on board, including the Polish President (Lech Kaczy?ski).

1. Takeoff:

2. Turn:

3. Landing:

I think the pilots are real heroes and men with nerves of steel!

Interesting, when did they

Interesting, when did they fly the next time? Did some of the pilots give up this work?

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