Site innovations

Yesterday I glanced at the site and decided that it was too bright, it had too much orange colour and wasn’t enough pleasant. That is why I have made some kind of its rebuilding.But not everything is done. Here is a list of things I should to attach to the site or modify in it:

  1. Logo  image (it should be invented first).
  2. The way the list of pages is shown (for example page “about”).
  3. I should change the way this site adapts to user’s screen (now it has a terrible appearance if you watch it, for example, on a netbook with a small screen).
  4. Some other things.

 I've resolved the most of

 I've resolved the most of problems by changing the theme and tuning the new one.

New observation

I have mentioned several new problems:

  1. I don't see the shortcut icon.
  2. The visual editor for posts, comments and pages doesn't work correctly (some parts of header present in the field for text).
  3. I don't know why, but when you are trying to change you status (in profile), sometimes the bottom "save" is placed exactly over the field for text.

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