New warships for Russia

The Russian Federation is going to buy a new naval vessel of the Mistral class. Some media keep saying that the seller of the ship is France, but I am not sure. I think that they keep saying so because French dockyards produce this type of warships. And I think that they are sellers not the state.

The Mistral class warships are referred to as "projection and command ships", but also they are capable of transporting and deploying more then 15 heavy and 30 light helicopters, landing barges, tanks and other armoured vehicles and up to 900 soldiers. It is reported that the purchase would consist of a one warship and a manufacturing license for three more vessels to produce in Russia. The total price of the contract would be about 1.5-milliard Euro.

the Mistral class warship

As for me, a placing such a big military order during this financial crisis out of the country is an irrational and unreasonable decision. But our President Medvedev has an another point of view. He said that the Russian military industry is needed of some competition.

Let’s see how much money they would spend on these warships and whether or not it would help our industry.

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