List of dos and don’ts for a start-up

For my writing practice I have made up a list of dos and don'ts for a start-up. If you have something to add feel yourself free.


  1. Find out a really good business idea.
  2. Make a really good business-plan and hire highly qualified personnel.
  3. Be careful with start-up costs.
  4. If you have your company's site examine if it is useful for your customers and it doesn’t have any technical problems.
  5. Be sure your start-up prices meet the market situation.


  1. Don’t try to get the whole market at the beginning if you are not fully confident it is possible.
  2. Don’t lost investors confidence in your start-up.
  3. Don’t spend your investors’ money and first profits on lavish parties.
  4. Don’t do poor management decisions.
  5. Don’t spend too much money too soon. Every start-up has to have its stockpile for an emergency.

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