A bad experience of travelling I had

It happened several years ago on my business trip to Moscow. The trip began early in the morning in the Yekaterinburg airport Koltsovo. And it started with the delay of my plane. I had been waiting for the flight for about two hours and when I had entered the plane I realized that I had the seat between the window and aisle seats and that my neighbours are well-nourished men.

Thereby I spent the whole flight very cramped. I was nearly squashed by the bodies of my fellow travellers. What is more, I spilt a cap of tea over my trousers and shirt when someone of these men pushed me during my meal. I got a singe and a big brown spot on my white shirt, because the tea was very hot and strong.

The next annoyance happened to me during the transfer from the airport of arrival to the city. I was going by train, but there were no seats, so I had to travel standing.

But I wouldn’t have mentioned all this troubles, if my business trip had been successful. But it wasn’t. I had not achieved any aim I had for this trip… And now I think about this trip as the worst business trip I have ever had.

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